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Review Brew – The UnExpected #1

An UnExpected delight…

Writer: Ryan Sook; Cary Nord; Steve Orlando
Inks: Mick Gray & Wade von Grawbadger
Colors: FCO Plascencia
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
Covers: Ryan Sook
Editors: Dave Wielgosz; Katie Kubert; Jamie S. Rich
Publisher: DC Comics

I confess, I haven’t read as much of Dark Nights Metal that I should have. What I have read, I’ve really enjoyed, but between real life and the high quality that DC has been putting out consistently across the “Rebirth and Universe lines, it’s hard to keep up. Which is why I jumped on the opportunity to read The UnExpected #1. This was a chance to come into a book with ties to the Metal storyline, fresh, without necessarily needing to have read everything that had come before and I must say…The UnExpected is a damn good first issue to read.

The issue starts with a bang as we meet Firebrand, a former EMT whose life was forcibly changed by the events of Metal, and the meddling of a psychotic father, as she tries to adjust to her newly acquired superpowers. Unfortunately for her, she’s the target of cosmic forces, both good and bad, and her life goes from unpleasant to insane. We also meet the extremely intriguing Neon the Unknown, who is truly unknown, as he’s clearly not the person who formally held the title. Things heat up quickly as Ryan Sook and company establish the characters and storyline rapidly and, more importantly, well. You’re grabbed from the first panel and that grip never falters at any point.

The artwork for this book is brilliant. Vibrant and detailed, it establishes the dual life that Janet (a.k.a. Firebrand) is leading and the utter instability of it. The fight scenes are dynamic, the looks of each character are strong and, again, the details are fantastic. The suit of one character alone requires multiple passes to catch everything happening.

This is a great first issue and if The UnExpected can keep up this level of awesome throughout its run then DC has another hit on its hands.

Five hearts out of Five.

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