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Review Brew: Green Lanterns Annual #1

Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz run into the Lost lantern! Who is it?

Written by: Andy Diggle
Art by: Mike Perkins
Colors by: Andy Troy
Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: 05/30/2018
Price: $4.99

Within the Green Lantern Corps there is a myth about the Lost Lantern, a member of the Corps who did what it took to save his planet and people from destruction only to give up his life for the greater good. Green Lanterns Annual #1 sends Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz enroute to the planet Vaikea in Sector 0004 to speak at a ceremony to honor the Lost Lantern in front of the Corps. When they arrive, they are greeted by an unusual Lantern named Yli’Laatua who seems to find everything that these newer Lanterns represent highly inappropriate. Will Simon and Jessica be able to solve the mystery of the Lost Lantern?

I have to say that I love this story and the mystery in it. It almost feels like Jessica and Simon get to play not only detective but historian as well. That is a credit to Andy Diggle and his style of writing. One thing that stands out is the whole “fish out of water” scenario that we get to see from Yli’Laatua; it’s quite funny. I will also say that Green Lanterns Annual #1 seems like a great jumping on point for readers who are new to the series, and it’s a great story to ease into not only the characters but the lore. Andy Diggle is perfect for this series and it shows.

The art by Tomas Giorello is simple and beautiful and fits the story perfectly. The details on the characters are great and the backgrounds are fantastic. There aren’t a lot of action sequences in this book but when they do happen they are breathtaking. Giorello’s art is complimented by the colors by Andy Troy. They are bright and bold. The use of shadows is great and the constructs that are created by each Lantern are fantastic. I cannot say enough about the art and the colors.

I love this book and it was a great jumping on point.

5 Green Lantern constructs out of 5

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