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Review Brew: The Last Siege

The Last Siege
Author: Landry Q. Walker
Artwork: Justin Greenwood
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 05/30/18

Landry Walker (Danger Club) brings us a hearty medieval tale, set at a distant castle outpost in the aftermath of a brutal war by a brutal King. Most of the lords of the land have bowed the knee to the new royal interceptor, but this outpost remains as a last stand for the land and it’s people. A mysterious stranger has appeared who is seen as an unwelcome outsider, but could he be the last hope for the castles inhabitants?

Walker has a smooth style that moves the story along, even if the subject matter is far from smooth. The setting is dark, rainy, and depressed. The townsfolk are besieged with grief and fear of the unknown, and the actions perfectly fits the brutality of the time. Greenwood’s art is detailed and dirty at the same time, just as it should be for this period piece. The release date is still a few weeks out, but this is definitely a title to check out.

4 Royal Seals out of 5

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