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Black Lightning is now on Netflix!

If somehow you missed the full season of one of the hottest super heroes on television, you have no excuses to miss Black Lightning now. Due to CW’s  agreement with Netflix, viewers can watch all thirteen episodes right now.

The show is a bit different than the other DC offerings on The CW, as it’s more grounded in dealing with family and community issues, as witnessed by the growth of a family coping with meta powers.

For those wondering if the Black Lightning will appear on other CW superhero shows, the show’s star (Cress Williams) made it clear at AwesomeCon, that this is not the plan right now. The plan is to allow the show to grow on its own two legs and be its own universe.

Also, for big fans of the show, if you are on the east coast and would like to meet some of the cast members, they will be appearing at the Great Philadelphia Comic Convention this weekend.

In the meantime, if you are behind, get over to Netflix and get to watching Black Lightning now!

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