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TV Brew: Westworld – Journey Into Night

The ladies are out here running this thing…

And we’re back!

Season two begins with me being utterly confused, as usual, as we see Arnold speaking with Dolores and growing increasingly worried about the path that he’s inadvertently set her on. We see just where that path has led as there is straight chaos at Westworld: bodies everywhere, human and hosts; the Delos equivalent of Seal Team 6 just taking out hosts willy nilly; and terrifying faceless drones stealing hosts brains and humans’ experiences for reasons that cannot possibly be good. In other words: it’s all bad, fam.  

The new Delos crew that’s arrived already got my hackles up. There’s Strand, who is super friggin’ weird guys, like, has a collection of human bodies in his home weird and Maling who is a certified badass and just doing her job but is also legit terrifying. Of the old crew Stubbs’ tiny arse is alive, Elsie is nowhere to be seen, Charlotte running around being shifty and no one’s figured out the Bernard is actually a copy of the original Arnold yet.

Meanwhile, the ladies are out here wrecking everything: Angela setting up ambushes to take out stray humans; Dolores stays on that murder music while Teddy looks pensive and beautiful in the background and our girl Maeve is out here being the official HBIC, taking Lee’s trifiling arse hostage; figuring out where her daughter is and plotting a takeover of Delos from the inside. It’s glorious and everything I’ve ever wanted.

System Data:

  • Steven Ogg has migrated back over from The Walking Dead and stays being a creeper…
  • My anxiety levels waiting for the Bernarnold shoe to drop are already through the roof.
  • ‘These violent delights, have violent ends.’ – No. Shite.
  • When Dolores dropped that ‘It doesn’t look like anything to me’ line? I’m not going to lie I laughed my entire ass off.  
  • Lee’s self preservation skills are… a bit not good.
  • Baby!Robert, speaking with Anthony Hopkins voice was the most unsettling thing to happen and that’s saying a lot.  

The episode ends with more questions than answers as Bernard tries to figure out what in the hell happened between Ford getting shot and a horde of bodies washing up in the ocean that no one knew existed; Dolores showing Teddy the ‘truth’; and Maeve starts the first steps in her plan: getting an army.

Hold on folks, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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