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Did that Cosplayer Say “No” When You Asked For a Photo? Here’s Why


You’re at an Anime convention. You see an AMAZING cosplayer you HAVE to take a photo of. Maybe their costume is from a video game no one has ever heard of. Or the costume design and detailing is unlike any other. Or admit it – you find that guy or girl cute, and you just want an excuse to talk to them :).

Alright! So you finally muster up the courage to ask for their photo. (Deep breath)…so you go up and say,

Excuse me…can I take your photo?

And they say…



You’re shocked. You’re heartbroken. Your self-esteem drops to 0. All these thoughts are going through your head:

“Why didn’t they let me take their photo?

“Am I not good enough for this cosplayer? Am I not worthy enough to take their picture?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Did he/she think I’m a…

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About Harry C. (1170 Articles)
Founder of The Next Issue Podcast and Pop Culture Uncovered, Harry has been reading comics since he could reach a news stand. He is also a cosplayer with his current favorite role as being Bishop, of the X-men. He is a fan of Marvel, Image and DC and is really passionate about making sure that kids get the opportunity to read. This leads him to getting out to places with comics that others no longer need and putting them into the hands of kids who will treasure them. His favorite comic characters are Batman, Spider-man, and Tony Chiu.

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