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You Got Played! The Tale of Harmony Gold’s Monster: Robotech

Here’s your childhood ruined.

I can picture it now. Back in the day, you woke up with excitement in your eyes, eagerly rushing down to your living room. With snacks in hand and your parents letting you have 30 minutes of peace, you settle down by crossing your legs in front of you, to watch one of your favorite (if not absolute favorite) TV shows. There was nothing else of importance going on in your life in those 30 minutes. No responsibilities, no book reports, no hanging out with friends, because for those 30 minutes it was just you and Robotech.

I’m here to tell you that the love you invested into that show was a waste; a huge lie created by Carl Macek and Harmony Gold. The 85-episode epic series you thought you knew (until you clicked my article) was created from three entirely separate shows that aired in Japan in the 1980’s. With the power of editing and a hybrid story, the three-separate series coagulated and evolved into the epic you’re familiar with – Robotech. Once this transmutation of a Frankenstein series was born out of the unholiness known as Harmony Gold, it was unleashed onto the world. America, along with the rest of the world (sans Japan of course) were tainted by the infectious Robotech. Face facts: you fell for it and loved every minute of that fall.

Why do this you ask? The original anime, Super Dimension Fortress Macross was a huge success in Japan. Harmony saw this and sunk their teeth into the possible opportunity and purchased the show back in 1982 for both international and US distribution from Tatsunoko Productions at the suggestion from the villain in our story; Carl Macek. Harmony Gold  has the exclusive license to all Macross-related materials outside of Japan, which is why so many fans outside of Japan are frustrated. Harmony Gold purchased the U.S. and international distribution rights to the show from Tatsunoko Productions at the suggestion of Carl Macek, after they asked him what show might translate well for North American audiences. The original solution was simple: dub it and market it for broadcast or direct to video sale in the U.S. Easy, right? Well, one last obstacle was their biggest; a show in America needed at least 65 episodes in order to be syndicated and Macross only had 36 episodes. This was a big problem, but our buddy Carl had a solution.

Harmony Gold bought two other shows, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada. With the power of these two shows and the Frankenstein-ing of Macek, they weaved together a  golden egg of an epic story ready to become a household favorite across almost the entire world. 

You see it don’t you? See how they created the amalgamation you’ve come to love?

After building their mountain of lies and failed attempts to capture someone to direct a live action Robotech movie, there is some good news that comes out of this. On March 14th, 2021,  Tatsunoko Publishing, which was the original license holder for all things Macross, will be able to revoke or cancel the current license held by Harmony Gold for the franchise and all derivatives of the series. This means that after this date, the licensing for the series in the US is up for grabs, which is something fans have wanted for a long time; an opportunity for greater opportunities and even greater exposure for a franchise we are legally missing out on.

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s you loved Robotech and had NO idea of all that went into it. I want you to take a moment. Think about the fond memories you had while watching Robotech. Think about the arguments you had with friends, and correcting their information on the show. The dead silence in the living room you sat because you didn’t want to miss a second. Remember the times when you would walk to school so sure of your Robotech knowledge and how you couldn’t wait to share that with your friends. Look back on the falsely built confidence you have instilled in yourself that was based on a poorly executed lie. This my friend, is your childhood ruined. You’re welcome.

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