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Review Brew: Domino #1

Domino #1
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: David Baldeon, Jesus Aburtov
Cover: Greg Land
Publisher: Marvel Comics $3.99

It’s been awhile since Gail Simone has written for Marvel. Sure there was a story for the Deadpool wedding issue and an issue of Savage Wolverine several years back, but this is the first ongoing issue of a Marvel comic who before the Secret Six was closely associated with Deadpool. If this issue is anything to go by, it’s a long overdue return, and one that’s going to be fun to watch. It’s also timely, given the spiked media presence for Domino, thanks to the upcoming Deadpool movie.

Domino is a character that’s largely been in a supporting role for the many years since her introduction to the X-Men books. Be it the various X-Force books, X-Men, or recently Weapon X. However, sometimes a character doesn’t get sketched out enough in a team book to where you know what it is they do when they’re not there. The first issue of Domino sets out to fix that and show what kind of person she is outside the shadow of the X-Men. The first issue is as action-packed and funny as one would hope, establishes Domino’s personality, powerset, and her supporting cast. It also delves into the problem with a character who has a game-breaking power as vague as good luck by adding a flaw to it, which also helps to drive the first issue’s conflict while celebrating who Domino is for newbies. In that regard, Gail Simone excels at what she always has: cutting to the core and giving you what you need to know, as well as bringing back old favorites like Outlaw and Diamondback.

David Baldeon does a fantastic job with the events of the issue. Thankfully he’s also given plenty to draw with transforming bat mutants, gun fights, superhero parties, and adorable dogs. Jesus Aburtov’s colors also do a great deal to accentuate the action and make scenes really pop later in the issue. Overall, while this book was assured to at the very least to be interesting, it’s proven to be an exciting start to what’s hopefully a long run. It’s one that’s definitely worth your $3.99 and time.

4 Adorable Dogs out of 5

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