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Review Brew: Crude #1

Crude #1
Writer/Creator: Steve Orlando
Art/Creator: Garry Brown
Publisher: Skybound
Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 11, 2018

Fathers and sons. Epics are written around the chaos that this relationship can inflict on a childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The latest work from Steve Orlando digs into such a dynamic, centered around an oppressive Russian state, and the lives of “Insurance” worker Piotr Petrovich and his son Kiril.

Kiril grew up perpetually disappointed in Piotr. Disappointed that he was gone on business trips, that he was a cold man when he was present, and disappointed that his father seemingly never fought back against the machine of that Russian state that held their family firmly to the ground, never allowing them to soar. Kiril decides to spread those wings and create a better life for himself, and his secret lovers Valentina and Petya (secret of course, because a bi-sexual relationship isn’t exactly viewed upon fondly by the Russians). He takes a job at Blackstone, a city sized refinery, which while dangerous, can afford him the life he has always dreamed of. It also makes him feel like he can do something with his life unlike his father. Little does Kiril know, but his father is more John McClane than Willy Loman, a secret operative for some clandestine agency. When tragedy strikes, Piotr must go undercover to Blackstone and uncover the inner workings of the perilous factory.

Steve Orlando sets up the foundation of Crude flawlessly, exuding the peril in Russia of what would be normal, everyday life in America, something we tend to take for granted. Garry Browns lines and colors are the right amount of muted, which conveys the tone of the story, while still showcasing his considerable talent. Crude #1 is a page-turner.


4.5 candles out of 5

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