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Hollywood Stars Who Need to Be Cast in the MCU

Clocking in at eighteen movies currently released with no signs of slowing down, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly one of the largest and most iconic film franchises to date. Thousands of cast members have graced hundreds of hours of both MCU films and television series, and sometimes it might feel like the studios are going to run out of actors and actresses to use in future projects. Not to worry, however; Hollywood still has a vast stock of top-notch personnel who have yet to take a crack at the MCU. Here are a few of my favorite actors and actresses who Marvel needs to put in their properties ASAP:

James Purefoy


You may have seen this actor play Mark Antony in “Rome”, a psychopathic serial killer in “The Following”, or as a practically-immortal billionaire megalomaniac in Netflix’s new series “Altered Carbon”. In whatever role he takes on, Purefoy simply oozes class and charm, but there’s always a tiny undercurrent of something darker and more sinister. He could excel as either a villain or a hero in an MCU movie, but I personally would make him my first choice to play Norman Osborn if the studio wished to introduce the character after Infinity War.



Jonathan Rhys Meyers


First of all, look how pretty he is. Once you’re done, if you haven’t already done so, watch a couple of episodes of “The Tudors” and “Dracula” and check out this guy’s acting chops as Henry VIII and the titular vampire. Meyers is another actor who can exude a high level of class when the role calls for it, but can also fly off the handle and go completely crazy at the drop of a hat. His smile is bright and disarming, his wrath is terrifying to behold. If Fox ever gives up and lets Marvel take over the Fantastic Four, Meyers would be my first pick for Doctor Doom, hands down.



Luke Evans

This man absolutely slays in everything he touches. “The Immortals”, “The Hobbit”, “Dracula Untold”, and heck, even “Beauty and the Beast” are all the better simply because Luke Evans exists and decided to be in them. Evans commands every scene that he’s in and can portray any number of characters, but seems to gravitate towards roles that put him in a position of authority in relation to his castmates (Zeus, Vlad the Impaler, Gaston, etc). Perhaps Adam Warlock?



Jake Gyllenhaal


Is there any type of character that Gyllenhaal CAN’T play? Disturbed teenager, cowboy, Marine, crime author, the prince of Persia, a boxer, you name it. In his vast filmography, Gyllenhaal has proven that he can take on any role you throw at him and knock it out of the park. Most importantly for me, however, is his casting in “Nightcrawler”. His portrayal of the sociopathic main character kept me on edge the entire run time of the film, and I’d love to see him play some MCU role that requires a little bit of crazy. And hey, Moon Knight’s been in the rumor mill for years now…



Keanu Reeves

We all know him and love him: it’s Good Guy Keanu. He’s played comedic, he’s played dramatic, and he’s done a lot of action. Despite Hollywood tending to typecast him in recent years, Reeves is no slouch and has repeatedly demonstrated total commitment to roles he finds himself in. With his ability to effortlessly switch characters and the level of work he puts into his castings (especially his action ones), it’s a wonder that Reeves hasn’t been tapped yet for the MCU. Who would he play, you ask? I think he’d make an absolutely perfect Taskmaster. Between his acting skills and martial arts prowess, it’s hard to imagine him not excelling as the character.



Charlize Theron

It boggles the mind that Miss Theron has yet to be cast in an MCU role. She is a an Academy Award-winning actress who’s already worked on superhero movies (Hancock) and a wide variety of action films (Aeon Flux, Fury Road, Atomic Blonde). She won an Oscar in 2003 for Best Supporting Actress as a serial killer in “Monster”, cementing her as one of the best actresses of the day. Acting skills aside, Theron has this look about her that just screams that she is not a person to be messed with. Given that she can rock as both a heroine and a villain, I’d cast her as either She-Hulk or Morgan Le Fay.


Now obviously, this isn’t the end all, be all of fan casting for the MCU. There are hundreds of other noteworthy actors out there and a limitless supply of story arcs that the studios could take on during their reign as Head Superhero Movie Honchos. There’s no telling what direction Kevin Feige is going to take the movies after Infinity War Part 2, and so far the movies have done a brilliant job of casting the appropriate people to portray our heroes and villains. Only time will tell what roles are going to be up for grabs and which actors and actresses are going to be tapped to play them on the big screen!

Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses who deserve a movie or two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Gary Busey

Carnage. I hope I don’t need to explain this any farther.


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