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Review Brew: The Walking Dead #178

The Walking Dead #178
Publisher: Image/Skybound
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Charlie Adlard
Release Date: 04/04/18

The Commonwealth. It looks nice. Clean streets, ample supplies, plenty of people doing assigned jobs, and a strong military presence to keep the population safe from invaders, both dead and alive. You know what else looked nice? Woodbury. They too had a charismatic Governor who lured our crew into a false sense of security. It took everything that the group had to repel that threat. This will be worse. Everything leading up to #178 has been stage set-up and character development, but with the latest issue (that in my opinion still far surpasses the television program in entertainment value), we come to the crux of the problem, and his name is Sebastian. He is the privileged son of the Commonwealth’s Governor Milton, and he has shown our visitors his true colors. He is a sexual predator who tries to assault Yumiko in plain sight, which of course is a no go for our team. By issues end, we are left with a truly precarious situation of the Alexandria crew under arrest and the Governor with plans to “visit” the Virginia countryside. Let the battle begin!

In addition, there were a couple of interesting subplots:

  • Michonne’s daughter Elodie opens up about her anger towards her mother for abandoning her and the rest of the family to pursue her career, and then not being there when the world fell apart. They finally come to an emotional understanding and start the long process of healing old wounds. 
  • Sophie walks in on Maggie and Dante mugging it up, in what is her revelation of the worst kept secret at Hilltop. She hates Dante for trying to take Glen’s place, hates Maggie for being a slut, hates the world for being unfair. After talking with Carl however, she begins to accept that while Glen is gone, he will never be forgotten and that Maggie deserves some form of happiness. 

The Walking Dead works best for me as a reader when there is a tangible enemy to face, with alliances formed from within the foes ranks. Kirkman is setting up the new scenario with his usual skill and I can’t wait to see the progression of aggression.

4.5 Swords out of 5



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