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Marvel Comics announces Refresh!, relaunching every book with a new #1 each month!

Exclusive! In a surprise move, Marvel Comics has announced that in the fun of this summer’s “Fresh Start” initiative is continuing–each and every month! That’s right, this June sees a line-wide launch of a new #1 issue for many major Marvel titles–and it’ll happen again in July, August, September, and every month after!

Spokesperson Avril Oszukać says: “We know our fans love when we start a new, ‘fresh start’ on a book to give readers a jumping-on point. The response to ‘Fresh Start’ has been so overwhelmingly positive, that every month will see our books restarted with a new #1 issue and a new storyline!”

Confused? Don’t be. “Refresh” offers readers a chance to walk into a comic shop every month with a new, accessible story from a new creative team. “Fans never need to worry about missing that critical first issue,” Oszukać says. “Every issue is a new #1! And of course, we’ll be offering Skottie Young variants, True Believers reprints in subsequent months, and shocking developments in each issue!”

Stay tuned for updates on what’s coming in Marvel Refresh. In the meantime, Marvel has given us a taste of what issues are coming each month.

JUNE 2018

Avengers #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Ed McGuinness
Venom #1: (w) Donny Cates, (a) Ryan Stegman
Black Panther #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Daniel Acuña
Immortal Hulk #1: (w) Al Ewing, (a) Joe Bennett
Doctor Strange #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Jesús Saiz
Sentry #1: (w) Jeff Lemire, (a) Kim Jacinto
Deadpool #1: (w) Skottie Young, (a) Nik Cline
Thor #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Mike Del Mundo
Ant-Man and the Wasp #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Javier Garron
Tony Stark: Iron Man #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Valerio Schitti
Captain America #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Leinil Yu
Amazing Spider-Man #1: (w) Nick Spencer, (a) Ryan Ottley
Life of Captain Marvel #1: (w) Margaret Stohl, (a) Carlos Pacheo
Fantastic Four #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Sara Pichelli

JULY 2018

Immortal Avengers #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Sara Pichelli
Amazing Venom #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Mike Del Mundo
Sensational Black Panther #1: (w) Nick Spencer, (a) Ryan Ottley
Fantastic Hulk #1: (w) Skottie Young, (a) Nik Cline
Uncanny Doctor Strange #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Ed McGuinness
Invincible Sentry #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Ed McGuinness
Fabulous Deadpool #1: (w) Donny Cates, (a) Ryan Stegman
Captain Thor #1: (w) Al Ewing, (a) Joe Bennett
Giant-Man and the Wasp #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Javier Garron
Jim Rhodes: Iron Man #1: (w) Margaret Stohl, (a) Carlos Pacheo
Captain America Classic #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Valerio Schitti
Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Jesús Saiz
Death of Captain Marvel #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Leinil Yu
New Fantastic Four #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Mike Del Mundo


Mid-Atlantic Avengers #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Ed McGuinness
Venomous Venom #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Jesús Saiz
Scarlet Black Panther #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Mike Del Mundo
Savage Hulk #1: (w) Jason Aaron, (a) Ed McGuinness
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Sara Pichelli
Fantastic Sentry #1: (w) Fred Hembeck, (a) Alex Ross
Delicious Deadpool #1: (w) Donny Cates, (a) Ryan Stegman
Astonishing Thor #1: (w) Al Ewing, (a) Joe Bennett
Yellowjacket and the Wasp #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Leinil Yu
Riri Williams: Iron Man #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Jesús Saiz
The Captain #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Valerio Schitti
Web of Spider-Man #1: (w) Margaret Stohl, (a) Carlos Pacheo
Captain Marvel: Rebirth #1: (w) Nick Spencer, (a) Ryan Ottley
All-New Fantastic Four #1: (w) Skottie Young, (a) Nik Cline


Delaware Avengers #1: (w) Ryan North, (a) Erica Henderson
Bleeding Cool Venom #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Kanye West
Black Panther Resources #1: (w) Mark Waid, (a) Jim Starlin
Adventures of the Hulk #1: (w/a) Dan Jurgens
Doctor Strange: Herald of Galactus  #1: (w) Dan Slott, (a) Mike Allred
Supreme Sentry #1: (w) Matt Groening, (a) Jeff Albertson
Adequate Deadpool #1: (w) Megan McArdle, (a) Audrey Wheeler
Detective Thor #1: (w) Mike Schiffer, (a) Jonathan Hurley
Hank Pym and the Wasp #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Hugh Jackman
J. Jonah Jameson: Iron Man #1: (w) Kevin Smith, (a) Leinil Yu
Charles Xavier: Captain America #1: (w) Ta-Nehisi Coates, (a) Skottie Young
Peter Parker: Spider-Woman #1: (w) Margaret Stohl, (a) Erik Larsen
Captain Marvel: Knightfall #1: (w) Chuck Dixon, (a) Graham Nolan
Fantastic Seven #1: (w) Stan Lee, (a) Joe Quesada

Stay tuned for more Marvel Refresh news!

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