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Review Brew: HOPE

The journey begins in HOPE.

Writer: Lovern Kindzierski
Artist: John Bolton
Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Editors: Alexander Finbow
Publisher: Renegade Arts

Following an epic battle between Shame and Virtue the queen is dead, Hope is born and the fallout begins. Lovern Kindzierski newest book has an interesting storyline, one that is easy to follow for those of us who’ve not read the previous stories in the series. As the main characters try to get safely out of dodge before the oppressed people of the land ransack, and worse, the castle from which Shame reigned as tyrant we get some more backstory on Merritt and Grace and how they came to be where they are. As for Hope, she’s…there. There’s no personality to speak of with her as yet, she’s merely a macguffin, there to be moved like a piece of furniture from place to place. Thankfully Merritt and Grace are far more captivating and carry the story along well enough that her presence, or lack thereof, isn’t too distracting.

As for the artwork, this story takes place in the land of ugly guy, hot wife, to the point that it is jarring, which I believe is what John Bolton is going for. It’s beautifully rendered and definitely sets the tone of the book, with the shadow demons being appropriately terrifying, but it didn’t quite move one as much as it should.

Overall HOPE is an intriguing book that I’d like to see more of, even if its main character isn’t all that riveting. Three Pits to Hell out Five.

Special Thanks to Sean Tonelli and Renegade Arts for the advanced copy.

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