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Review Brew: Red Hood And The Outlaws #20

…it’s all out now.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #20
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Dexter Soy
Colors: Veronica Gandini
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Covers: Trevor Hairsine & Antonio Fabela; Guillem March
Editors: Marie Javins; Rob Levin
Publisher: DC Comics

It’s easier, sometimes, to go a certain route. To take the shorter path to your goals. After all, you’ll still get to where you were headed in the first place? Right? However, there’s a reason that the journey is what people tend to focus on when they look back on their lives and how they got where are now. There are times when the longer, more winding path is the one you need to take, even if it means things get messy or out of control. Bizarro, much like Jason before him, has to learn this lesson, the question is: will he learn it before it’s too late and he becomes the monster that so many see him as?

In this issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws, Scott Lobdell poses these questions even as he continues giving us (as well as Jason and Artemis) answers to the ongoing mysteries that have been seeded throughout the series for a while now. One of the things that this series had done so well is building the feeling of true friendship between the three leads. Their camaraderie and friendship is truly the heart of the story and the trust, lack of judgement and ability to call each other on their shite is so real and well done that you know they can handle anything that comes their way if they’re just honest with each other. Which is why the lies and manipulations that Bizarro has been perpetrating have been filling the readership with dread.  Jason Todd, Artemis and Bizarro are ride or die friends for life. So what could be so bad that Bizarro wouldn’t trust Jason and Artemis with the information? We don’t know yet but I’ve a feeling we’re going to find out soon.

Dexter Soy and Veronica Gandini return, and as always they bring their a-game with panels that enhance the story and pop off the page. There’s several standout scenes but the truly gorgeous shot of Jason leaping off a skyscraper is a lesson in how to make every shade and detail stand out. It’s breathtaking work that shows how much these artists not only know their game but love the characters they draw.

With one arc coming to a close and another starting, will the answer we receive be worth the wait? I’m not sure but I’m ready to find out. Five cloaking devices out of Five.

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