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BET to Resurrect ‘Black Panther’ Animated Series

We all know that the Black Panther movie is a smash hit. Unless you’ve been living under a vibranium rock over the past few weeks, you’ve seen, heard, and read the reactions from fans.

Well, in a sensible move to capitalize on that success, as well as to celebrate the character of Black Panther, BET is going to be bringing back its short-lived animated Black Panther series that originally aired in 2010. The show has popped up on various media over the years, including YouTube and DailyMotion. Unfortunately, a lot of the episodes out there have been pulled from their hosts after Disney took over the Marvel movie franchise (ask us if we’re shocked).

Famed director, writer, and producer Reginald Hudlin (who also wrote the Black Panther comic for a time in the mid-2000s) created the popular animated series, and was able to incorporate a lot of his own writing – which we now know as having become T’Challa’s official story, including the introduction of his half-sister Shuri (who catapulted to wider public knowledge after the movie released), and his marriage to Storm, the weather-controlling member of the X-Men.


The Black Panther animated series, by Marvel Knights Animation, also boasted an all-star cast of voices. The voice of T’Challa was masterfully portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, Princess Shuri was voiced by Kerry Washington, Jill Scott voiced Storm, Alfre Woodard was the voice of Dondi Reese, and Phil Morris voiced T’Challa’s best friend and head of security, W’Kabi. A main character named General Wallace was also voiced by Stan Lee (we know he loves his cameos).

The plot of the 6-episode animated series revolved around T’Challa having to deal with some jealousy in the Wakandan court after the death of his father, T’Chaka. All the while, T’Challa must discover who killed his father. What he doesn’t realize is that the murderer, Klaw, is assembling a team of villains in an attempt to conquer and take over Wakanda.

BET is currently running the episodes in staggered uploads on their site, but will host all six of them on their Facebook page.

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