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Disney and Marvel Team Up for ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ Animated Series

Disney continues to expand their Marvel animated universe.

When Disney acquired Marvel in 2009, a lot of fans (including myself) were uneasy about the future of our favorite heroes and villains. Now almost a decade later, Disney and Marvel have found unprecedented success with not only their Marvel Studios films but with their television animated series.

This week Disney and Marvel announced that a brand new animated series will be coming based on a fan favorite comic series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. If you aren’t familiar with this comic, it centers around an Inhuman who also happens to be a genius, and a red dinosaur from the past that she is friends with. Together they fight crime and navigate the Marvel Universe the best they can.

I have to admit that, as a comic fan, I am really excited for this series. My girlfriend who just started reading the current comic series got really excited when I told her this series had been announced. It is really nice and refreshing to see that Disney is willing to take risks with more obscure heroes and stories that the mainstream public does not know about. I really hope this series is successful and it spawns more shows with these lesser known heroes. This show would also be another way to showcase the current Ms. Marvel who made her animated debut in the current Avengers animated series.

There is no network announced yet for the series but I would put my money on it being on Disney XD where the other Marvel animated shows currently air.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.

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