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Black Panther Soundtrack Review

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My initial thought with Black Panther- The Album was one of concern. Especially because it was stated that Kendrick Lamar would have oversight on the album. It’s not to say that he doesn’t put out stellar work. It’s to say he often loses direction on his own projects. I was worried if he could carry the weight of this. Could he give us what Jay-Z or Prince gave us when they helmed soundtracks? Then came the tracklist and I was a little hopeful. With a good mix of veteran, new and international artist I thought to myself this is more compilation then solo Kendrick album.

The opening track “Black Panther” sets the tone for the album and makes more sense when paired with the movie. I personally don’t care for Kendrick’s voice change-ups but it works here. Next is the first single “All of The Stars” featuring label mate and…

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