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Star Trek: Discovery Cheat Sheet Before The Season Finale

We have come to the end of the long, and very winding road that was the first season of CBS All-Access entry to the Star Trek universe, and it came with a lot of firsts. We got the first F bomb, the first TV nude scene, and the first genuinely dark Trek. The first 14 episodes are in the bag, time to recap the journey so far in anticipation for Sundays (February 11, 2018) finale!

**Nothing but Spoilers after this. If you are waiting to binge, look away!**

  • Michael Burnham is a human Starfleet Officer, but was raised by Sarek, making her Spock’s foster sister.
  • Burnham is First Officer under Captain Philippa Georgiou on the USS Shenzhou when they are confronted with a situation involving the Klingons. Burnham feels that they should strike first, showing the Klingons both their resolve and honor for their culture. The Captain disagrees so Burham mutinies and tries to take over the ship but she is too late, the Klingons start the battle, Captain Georgiou is killed, and Burham has to live with the fact that intergalactic war is aflame because of her from her comfy prison cell.
  • After a prisoner transport goes awry, Burham finds herself on the USS Discovery, an experimental ship that employs a spore drive to instantaneously warp to anywhere in the quadrant in mere seconds. Captain Lorca wants to keep her aboard to utilize her skills, but her former crew-mate and now First Officer of Discovery, Saru, is not a happy camper.
  • Lt. Stamets, the co-creator of the spore tech, uses alien DNA to make himself the living navigator of the spore drive, but with serious detriments to his own health.
  • Officer Ash Tyler is rescued from a Klingon prison ship by Captain Lorca, after they have to tangle with TOS favorite, Harry Mudd. Burnham and Tyler start getting their freak on.
  • Saru, Ash, and Burham protect a beacon on a planet and attack a Klingon cruiser. Ash seems to break down from PTSD.
  • Stamets makes a bunch of spore jumps, which lands the gang in the “Mirror” universe, a classic Trek trope, where Ash is revealed to be the Klingon Voq, who endured species reassignment surgery to spy on the Federation and has killed Stamets beau, Dr. Culber to hide his true nature. Lorca ends up being from the mirror universe and Georgiou is alive, but in evil Emperor form. Best of all, skittish Cadet Tilly, who is cute as a button by the way, is the Captain of the bad Discovery! Da, da, daaaaa…
  • The crew uses the evil spores to get home after Lorca is killed. Wicked Georgiou goes along for the ride to the prime universe.
  • Stamets overshot the return journey, so Discovery has now returned 9 months after they left to a Klingon over-run Federation, with Admiral Cornwell deciding to place the murderous Emperor Georgiou in command of the Discovery on a high stakes mission to the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS under the guise that she was not killed in battle, but was a POW this whole time.

There you have it Discovery fans, will Burnham reconcile with the seemingly now human Tyler? Will Georgiou be able to command a Federation crew to win victory over the Klingon Empire? Will Stamets become true master of the spores? Will Tilly continue to be cute? Tune in Sunday to find out!


Star Trek: Discovery streams on CBS All Access Sunday evenings at 8:30 pm est.

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