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Marvel’s Civil War audiobook is a hidden gem

I recently started a new position that requires me to drive approximately an hour to work and part of that time I am in slow to sometimes stand still traffic. I wanted to find something to listen to because anyone who drives daily for their commute knows how repetitive the regular radio and to some extent even Sirius XM could be. Also, let’s not forget that Sirius XM could be cost prohibitive to some.

I had actually considered listening to audiobooks but sometimes depending on who is reading, it’s more liable to put you to sleep behind the wheel than it is to entertain you. Then I ran across GraphicAudio, which boasts close to 1000 different titles to choose from and has been around since 2004. Better still, they have licenses with DC and Marvel meaning you can get some great super hero content on the go as well.

GraphicAudio’s tagline is their audiobooks become, “A movie in your mind” and they were not lying. I took a chance on one and started listening to Marvel’s Civil War which took about a week and a half (holidays and plus I didn’t listen everyday) to finish. What astounded me was the production value of the recording. There is a narrator for the story, a full ensemble cast doing the voices and of course, sound effects. It’s reminiscent of some of the old time radio shows that our parents listened to. Best yet, each episode is an hour long and blends seamlessly into the next. And yes, I felt immersed in each episode. I could visualize the battles, I could see the Negative Zone prison and more. This audiobook did as advertised!

In 6 episodes, we got a slightly altered version from the comics but the gist was still the same with the Stanford incident invoking the government to require superhuman registration. This causes a rift between Iron Man and Captain America and of course the battle ensues among those for and against registration. A few things I noticed which made me wonder when this released considering this was in 2013 is that Secret Empire was mentioned during the story line, Cloak’s scene in the Negative zone was removed and a few others. In many ways however, this was closer to the comic than the movie was and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There are other stories to choose from including Kraven’s Last Hunt, The Death of Captain America and more. I would definitely say that this is worth it to anyone that is taking a long trip and looking for an alternative to just regular music or boring radio talk shows. Of course there are different genres of books to listen to as well so give it a look.

4 Hi Fi Stereos out of 5

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