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Conversations of Who: Doctor Who – Twice Upon A Time

Paul and Slewo both watched Doctor Who’s final farewell to Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Doctor, and decided to come together to hash out their thoughts and feelings – both on Capaldi’s tenure as the Doctor, as well as what’s to come with Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker

Slewo: I just finished… I’m dead.

Paul: It was fantastic. No bad guy. No struggle. Just memories.

Slewo: Yeah, I loved it. There didn’t need to be a bad guy. Just contrasting good intentions and in the end it was what Capaldi needed to move on.

Paul: Nope just the Doc coming to terms and even remembering what he forgot with Clara.

Slewo: I’m glad they resolved that. He just needed distance from the trauma of losing her, Bill and Nardole.

Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas

Paul: And then the TARDIS just dumping the new Doc. No penis?? GET OUT!!

Slewo: Yeah that definitely had a sly meta commentary lol. Along with the wedding ring slipping away from her.

Paul: He needed to come to terms that while he is tired of losing people, they are never gone as long as the memories of the Doctor remain

Slewo: Yeah. What are we if not our memories? And as tired as he is. There are other people who will still need him. The reality is Clara, Bill and Nardole led better lives because of him. It may not be lives that include him. But that’s life.

Paul: It was a tough day coming to terms with the first Christmas without my Father in Law. We aren’t together forever, but we can make it count.

Slewo: Yeah… I feel you man.

Paul: BUT we celebrate anyway. And remember.

Slewo: Yeah. It’s tough, but we can’t wallow. I also think this was a better send off for this Doctor than HORS. As sad as it was as a coda to losing Clara by letting go of River… I think this at least let’s it all end on a more hopeful note. He got to give both himself and the original Doctor the courage to change.

Paul: Nothing touches Tennant’s salute but this was very good

Slewo: Yeah. This did come close. And certainly more so than Time of the Doctor. I’m glad Moffat didn’t try to one up himself with more narrative pyrotechnics.

Paul: Smith’s and Eccleston’s were dumb, at least for me.

Slewo: Smith’s for sure, but Eccleston’s worked for what it was at the time.

Paul: Tennant’s and Capaldi’s had all the feels.

Slewo: Yeah nothing touches The End of Time for me. They even looted the music from when Tennant is dying and walking around saying goodbye.

Paul: Eccleston suffered from the brevity in the role. I liked him but it was too short to hurt me

Slewo: I think the problem is being the first undermined the stakes there. He was sort of a one hit wonder so to speak.

Paul: He was, agreed.

Slewo: With Tennant especially, you had like five years to fall in love with him, and to see him at his worst and at his best.

Paul: I almost felt like Eccleston was a vehicle to advance a companion in Piper instead of the other way around.

Slewo: Not wrong. Rose was essentially the main character for the first two years. Which wasn’t wrong for what the show needed to be at the time, but Eccleston’s arc was as straightforward as it got with a modern Doctor.

Paul: It needed a spark to make people care again.

Slewo: He was trying to return to balance as opposed to being a goof.

Paul: And let’s face it, Piper was the red hot rising British actress at the time.

Slewo: It wasn’t wrong to use her as a lead for the show. Doctor Who was inert at the time. She and Eccleston rescued it from obscurity. There is a reason that she in particular got to return for the 50th anniversary. I’m also glad Jenna swung by for the cameo. Shame it was like two lines, but we needed that.

Jenna Coleman

Paul: Memories don’t need to be long. They just need to show up at the right time.

Slewo: Of course. It was potent. I was just musing. I just am going to miss Capaldi. And I already missed Clara and Bill deeply. Now it’s over.

Paul: And now the waiting game. I can’t wait for the new series


Season 11 of Doctor Who begins filming in Spring of 2018 and will air in the US on BBC America in Autumn of 2018. Follow PCU for all of your Doctor Who news and updates!


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