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Review Brew: Wonder Woman #36

I friggin’ knew it!

Wonder Woman #36
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Carlo Pagulayan
Inks: Jason Pas and Sean Parsons
Colors:  Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters: Saida Temofonte
Covers: Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair; Jenny Frison
Editor: Andrew Marino; Chris Conroy; Brian Cunningham
Publisher: DC Comics

The Greek gods were known for their myriad of of issues, the least of which being Zeus’ wandering penis and all the children that came from it. That drama caused literal wars between families and whole nations, which plays out once again in this issue as Diana and Jason get into it. It seems that everything in the DC Universe eventually boils down to family dynamics and the Children of the Gods arc is no different.

This issue sees some questions answered, like how Giganta plays into all this, some other questions opened up (how is this old god vs new god showdown actually going to play out?), while giving some hope that it’s not too late for Jason (or Grail, strangely enough) to make better choices. However, to do so would require Jason to take responsibility for his actions and being honest with why, exactly, he’s made the choices he has. As Diana points out, he knew who she was, not the other way around. There was never a time he couldn’t have come to her the way she did to him, that he didn’t says more about him and his insecurities than it does about her.

The artwork of this issue, by Carlo Pagulayan, does a great job of showcasing everyone involved. Paying special attention to Diana’s face at all time, you get her sadness, her anger and her astonishment. The fight scenes are dynamic and the reveal is everything I wanted and more, using colors and shading to confirm the hints of previous issues.

A great installment that looks to set up a kick ass finale, Four chains out of Four.

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