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Spider-Man – Enter the Spiderverse Trailer Breakdown

The new Spider-Man trailer has dropped. Come check out our breakdown.

Spider Man Enter the Spiderverse Trailer

Christmas 2018 is a long ways away but Sony and Marvel wanted to give us all something to look forward. The Miles Morales lead “Spider-Man Enter the Spiderverse” trailer dropped this weekend and while we don’t know everything about the upcoming film we did learn a lot.

Obviously based on Brian Micheal Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man where that alternate universe’s Peter Parker’s has died we see Shameik Moore giving voice and life to Miles. The biggest reveal shows Miles talking to what looks like the traditional Earth 616 Spider-Man. If so the movie might be incorporating aspects of the Spider-Men mini series that brought the two characters together.

Peter Parker embraced the role as a consequence of the murder of his Uncle Ben and his mantra that “with great power comes great responsibility.” It will be interesting to see Peter mentoring Miles on what it means to live up to that motto.

Heroes are always defined by their villains and the selection of the Prowler as the antagonist for this film is a good move. In the Ultimate Comics universe the Prowler is Miles’s Uncle Aaron and inadvertently responsible for the accident that gives Miles his powers. Aaron is a master thief and feels that Miles and his abilities ultimately belong to him. I hope he isn’t the only villain but this is a step in the right direction.

Lastly the visuals in the trailer are amazing. The concern for many Miles Morales fans was that there might be a lack resources or financial investment in this film. If the trailer is any indication of what the full film looks like expect Pixar quality visuals.

Christmas 2017 might be almost here but the real Christmas for many Spider Man fans will be Christmas 2018 when “Spider-Man Enter the Spiderverse” gets released.

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