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Star Wars Battlefront II Suffers Another Blow

Did EA DICE build their studio on an ancient burial ground or something?

It seems that the developer of the recently-released Star Wars Battlefront II just can’t catch a break. Message boards erupted this morning with word that the most recent patch for the game (version 1.03) is riddled with some game-breaking glitches. While the patch was designed to (according to PlayStation Lifestyle) “fix a number of issues”, it seems to have caused gamers more headaches than it may have been worth. According to the patch notes, the update was supposed to fix a host of gameplay, user interface, and generalized issues with the new title. However, gamers are reporting that it has also caused various adverse issues with their games. So far, PCU is hearing the following from those who have downloaded the patch, regardless of system:

  • Star cards, earned weapons, and some credits have disappeared.
  • Game modes are not loading at all.
  • Server & game crashes

Early this morning, YouTuber CragScrambler posted an almost five-minute video detailing the issues that they encountered with the game’s newest update file. As you can see, the issues are pretty game-breaking:

We’ve talked before about how the gaming industry has had its issues with quality assurance, and this seems to be just another big example of that. Issues like this just serve to bring a lot of questions to light: Why push out games that are incomplete, or have not been properly tested? Going forward, are gamers really going to be forced to endure issues like this and have to rely on patches that may or may not work?

With EA DICE recently stating that they’re listening to fans, one wonders if that’s really true, or if it’s just lip service. Have any of you experienced these issues with update 1.03, dear readers? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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