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Rampage could be one of the few video game movies that doesn’t suck.

When I heard a few months ago that the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was going to star in a live action adaptation of the classic arcade game Rampage I seriously was like WTF!?!? Hollywood has really lost all of its creative mojo if the best they could do is to adapt an old school video game whose central premise is playing as rip offs of King Kong, Godzilla, and more as they to destroy major American cities. No one would ever think that a film based on this source material would rival the quality of Casablanca or Citizen Kane, but no one would ever think that a movie based on this source material would be any good either.

This week the trailer for Rampage hit and boy does it seek to dispel any preconceived notions that I had about the film.

As an ardent fan of the original games, the trailer filled me with a childlike giddiness seeing George, Lizzie, and Ralph brought to life. The two plus minute trailer did a good job of showcasing the plot (animals get big and The Rock has to save the day), the main characters (hello Negan), and balls to the wall destruction that should be associated with this movie. Rampage currently looks to be in line with your generic CGI filled action flicks. However if the atmosphere and heart of the trailer hold true, Rampage could be one of the most fun movies to see in 2018.

For those that are not familiar this is the original game that the move is inspired by.


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