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Ethan Young has left his mark on the comics industry with acclaimed works like Nanjing: The Burning City, The Battles of Bridget Lee: Invasion of Farfall, and his Independent Publishers Book Award-Winning Graphic Novel Tails. Now, Dark Horse is thrilled to announce Life Between Panels: The Complete Tails Omnibus, a complete collection of his semi-autobiographical webcomic along with a second volume of The Battles of Bridget Lee.
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In Life Between Panels: The Complete Tails Ethan’s life as one of the many cartoonists living in NYC might look mundane at first glance—living with his parents, working a day job, playing with cats. But things get crazy when he starts to draw his comic strip Crusader Cat! Soon, Ethan can’t tell the difference between real life and the comic panel!
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And in The Battles of Bridget Lee Volume 2: The Miracle Child a legendary hero in a sci-fi dystopian future must fight to protect a symbol of hope for humanity and an alien race before the Marauders can destroy it!

Praise for Ethan Young:

“Young’s style is fresh and accessible, conveying . . . remarkable emotional tones through subtle use of lines, and consistently emphasizes the power of inking. It’s not surprising that Young finds plenty of work as an illustrator based upon his eye for striking single panel compositions, but his layouts and pacing are also memorable.”—The Beat

Life Between Panels: The Complete Tails Omnibus TPB goes on sale April 4, 2018

The Battles of Bridget Lee Volume 2: The Miracle Child TPB goes on sale May 9, 2018

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