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Review Brew: Michael Cray #2

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Michael Cray #2 Credits

We continue apace in the mirror verse of Michael Cray, where the Arrowverse version of Oliver Queen is even more bonkers than he is onscreen (which I did not think was possible) and receives the logical response to that insanity. However, all of the above is set dressing to the real story: Michael Cray has superpowers that he absolutely doesn’t want, doesn’t understand and has no control over when and how they will be triggered.

Bryan Hill continues to expand on the groundwork of Warren Ellis’ stories while deepening the mysteries surrounding Michael and his increasingly out of control abilities. Michael is a man who just wants to know if he’s going to live another day and not kill anyone or anything he doesn’t intend to. Unfortunately, no one has any real answers, but everyone wants a piece of Michael. There are enemies on all sides and while Michael’s smart enough to realize that, he’s also doesn’t have much of a choice regarding the company he keeps.

N. Steven Harris’ art is interesting. I’m not entirely sure if I like it – there’s some really weird angles on both bodies and faces – but the faces themselves are well done giving us some fully realized characters who all look different. This stands out as, unfortunately, a lot of artists make characters of vastly different backgrounds and races all look basically the same.

Overall this is a good second chapter that ramps up the kill count and the intrigue and I can only imagine who’s next on Michael’s list if what we see at the end is any indication.

3 headshots out of 5.

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