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Review Brew: Kingsman The Red Diamond #3

Eggsy is thrust into the dark ages, when a computer hacker turns off every computer in the world.

Published By: Image Comics
Written By: Rob Williams
Art By: Simon Fraser and Gary Caldwell

Eggsy belongs to one of the most advanced and sophisticated intelligence agencies in the world, supplied by only the best in technological accouterment. Every country he flies into is bubbling through the teeth with electronic circuitry for him to take advantage of and bend to the specific needs of his mission. No criminal is safe from the prying gaze of MI-6’s satellites, probes, and just general access to nearly every functional webcam on any continent. Even Eggsy’s three piece suit is outfitted with nifty devices to assist in those moments where he finds himself in a bit of an unexpected pinch.

And now it all means nothing.
Less than nothing.

The Red Diamond, a deadly criminal self-named after the rarest diamond type on the planet, has unleashed a virus that shut off every single computer in the world. Think about what that means for a second.

Banks are useless.
Money people had has effectively disappeared.
Companies can’t pay their employees.
Corporate riots are imminent as are a grinding halt in any kind of production.
Nearly impossible to purchase food or sustain any other regular city imports.
Thieving and selflish, listless living threaten to overtake everything very quickly.

The Dark Ages.

The Red Diamond has forced a return to what he calls “substance based” living. Kings and Queens shall rule by the ways of old- their gems and their weapons. Eggsy begins to see the detrimental state that all of humanity is about to slide into and is dispatched on a crazy mission to bring the madness to an end. But when an intelligence agency has had both of their eyes gouged out… how prepared can they actually be for what is to come? The Red Diamond has planned out his every move and they haven’t planned for his moves at all.

I loved the artwork in this issue. There wasn’t necessarily a high volume of fine tuned detail or a loud color palette, but the whole bloody thing felt like an adventure! Every scene visually took me every where I needed to go, which is good. If you can evoke that sense of participation with your illustrations, then almost nothing else matters. The scene that stands out the most to me is probably the simplest, but I found myself flipping back just to look at it again, because it was so perfect. Transcendent almost. There is an isolated shot of a mountainside, with about a few hundreds stories worth of elevator shaft running down it. Greenery dots the mountain all the way down. Words don’t do it justice, but you’ll know it when you see it. It just takes you there.

Can’t wait to see how Eggsy gets out of this one.

4 Tranq Darts out of 5


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