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Key Collector Comics App review

I have been collecting comics for a very long time. With the coming of portable technology I have always wanted a way to keep track of my collection because the biggest problem a lot of us face is the possibility of buying a book we already have in our collection. Bigger still is ensuring that the book is a key issue as many keys hold more value than a regular book. I have tried many comic apps to track my collection and CLZ Comics is still one of my go to apps but it looks like Key Collector Comics app may be about to dethrone it.

What does it do?

Simply put, Key Collector Comics only tracks key issues of comics. that way instead of going through all 500+ issues of say, Superman, Batman or The Amazing Spider-Man, it’s only narrowed down to the essentials. Since now, that’s mostly what I collect, this app eliminates the bloat of attempting to track each and every comic. The app is pretty easy to navigate as you simply need to find the comic series that you are looking for and then check off the comics that you either want or own.

The amount of books that are considered key that are contained in the app is simply astonishing. As you go through each book, there is also a price guide that gives a rough estimate about how much the comic may be worth. As you click each comic you are given a brief description of the comic and why it’s a key. Whether it’s a first appearance of a character, a creator or something significant, it’s right here in this app. Once you have checked off all of the comics in your app there is a place to click and see everything that you own or want and although I spent a few hours with it a day ago, it’s going to take much more time for me to catalog all of my books but this app looks like it will make that task much easier.

Does it have potential?

This app does have long term potential as long as the designers stay on top keeping this app updated. There are a few issues that could be addressed in later updates but out of the gate the app runs pretty well. I did find that a few books (like Chew or The Boys) especially those from indie publishers were either missing or incomplete. Other issues I ran across was that a few comics that I did run across was missing crucial information that helped make the book a key issue. For example, in the app ASM 258 does not mention that it was the first and only appearance of the Bombastic Bag-Man (haha!) but again with a new app like this, it’s forgivable. There were other ASM titles not listed where there were new suit debuts as well. It simply shows that there is room for growth. if this app had been around for a few years that there would be no excuses for that kind of information being excluded.

A few other things I would like to see done are: More variant cover pictures for certain comic issues with multiple covers as we know that some cover runs are worth more than others. I would also like to see the ability to upload covers in case the creators are unable to get them. This would help offset having to search for those rare covers that someone may have. I would also like to see the ability to allow users to add notes as there are many times I get books signed and what would help would be having a place to make those notes so that when I go to get multiple signatures on a book I can track who I have and what I need. Also I think it would be cool to simply be able to have a one button check system instead of having to figure out the relative worth of the book because I don’t think the price guide in the app accurately reflects the market. The last two things I would really like to see would be the publishing date as that would keep me in the app as opposed to having to google that info as well the creator information which sometimes help collectors find a book.

The bottom line

It’s not the perfect app yet. But it’s very darned close.

This app looks to eventually  being able to do what the Marvel, DC, and Image databases can do on the fly. As long as collectors support this effort and add input, this can probably be one of the biggest apps that key collectors can use when tracking books. if you need to find this app, you can find it on iTunes or Google and it’s free. I plan on tracking the app to watch its growth and hopefully see it get batter with time and suggest that any collector worth their salt does the same as well.

3.75 Key issues out of 5

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