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How will EA answer the Call of Duty?

At the time of this writing, it’s shortly after midnight, and I am anxiously awaiting the newest Call of Duty game to install on my system. Although many fans may not be happy with the series shifting back to the WWII era, I am glad to see CoD going back to its roots.

Let’s face it; this game is what sold the Xbox 360 at launch all those years ago. However, while Call of Duty: World War II is looking to be another smash hit for Activision and Sledgehammer Games, one can’t help but wonder what will EA DICE do to one-up this latest effort.

Go back to 1942

If EA DICE does decide to do another Battlefield game with a WWII setting, I don’t think they could go wrong with going back to the game that paved the way for Call of Duty and a few others by going back to Battlefield 1942. It’s almost a no-brainer at this point considering the job that they did with Battlefield 1.

What would work well is simply rebuilding the game from the ground up, and since it never appeared on consoles, a revamped and re-polished version of a 15-year-old classic would be a hit with fans. Of course, if a campaign mode is included, it would have to be a much more polished version as the original was just an overgrown multiplayer game filled with bots.

For those that may scoff at the idea, consider the appearance of the original game. Imagine that even then, the various ways to play the game, and the destruction and mayhem that one could cause, would play out very well with the Frostbite engine. It’s very possible to do and even Battlefield 1’s hallmark was how the destruction could change a gamer’s approach to winning a match.

Not to mention, that unlike any of the CoD games over the years, even back then, you got to control many different ground and air vehicles. Call of Duty games still don’t give gamers this option. Heck, EA DICE should adopt the slogan, “If it’s in the war, it’s in THIS war.” Lastly, BF1942 had excellent mod support over the years, which spawned many of the FPSes that are on the market now.

Dust off the Medal of Honor franchise

For those that may not have known it, Medal of Honor had over a dozen games out in the late 90s and early 2000s. Some of which were huge DLCs for the base game. Many were on different platforms including the PlayStation, Xbox, PSP and so on. Just like the above-mentioned BF1942, this series found most of its popularity on PC.

Even though it’s been a long time since we have seen a WWII MoH game, now would be a good time to bring the series back. The last World War II era game was MoH: Airborne, which had a somewhat unique approach by allowing gamers to play its namesake by parachuting into a level nearly anywhere on the map and complete the objective. If you never got a chance to play it, the game is now backward compatible with the Xbox One.

The first several games did very well and were the forerunners of the Call of Duty games by four years. Medal of Honor succeeded by telling some unique stories such as the one that can be found in MoH: Underground. Also, another reason why MoH was so successful is that the games did span different eras and areas of operation during WWII.

These are two ways in which EA DICE could conceivably bring their Battlefield games back to its roots: modern options and technology. Over the past few years, gamers have seen what EA DICE could do with their single-player campaigns and with their multiplayer components. Now, players have had more options in how they went about playing and know what they like.

While many may think that playing in the WWII era is blasé, gamers should stop and consider modern technology. With consoles and PCs more powerful than what we had 15 years ago, we all would win by taking another dip to some solid WWII gaming from both a graphical and storytelling standpoint. Considering what EA DICE did with WWI last year, I am sure that in the next few years, a WWII game coming from them would be a no-brainer.

Side note: It would also be nice to see the Brothers in Arms franchise make a comeback as well, but I won’t hold my breath.


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