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Dark Horse Comics and Borealys Games announces Mages of Mystralia Comic

Dark Horse Comics and Borealys Games are thrilled to announce the release the popular Mages of Mystralia™ webcomic in a new graphic novel coming to bookstores and comics shops in January 2018.

Acclaimed fantasy author Ed Greenwood lent his magic to the Mages of Mystralia storyline for the game while writer Brian Clevinger and artist Carey Pietsch brought the lore from the game to the acclaimed webcomic. “When we started working with Ed Greenwood, we only expected him to put together a story for our game. But he put together such a rich world with its own history that we felt it would be a waste not to tell that story as well,” says Borealys Games President Louis-Félix Cauchon. “Brian and Carey brought that storyline to life through their artistry and mastery of the comics format.”

Mike Richardson, founder and President of Dark Horse Comics, says of the comic, “I rarely see such original and compelling material come across my desk. The fact that readers will be able to explore this new “universe” at the same time the game is released makes the experience all the more exciting. I’m very excited to see where Mages of Mystralia will take us in the coming years.”

The 64-page Mages of Mystralia webcomic is available for free at, but the graphic novel will include concept art from the game and exciting bonus material. The game is currently available now, with the graphic novel hitting retailers in early 2018.
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