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Nintendo’s 2017 Holiday Guide Is Up!

It’s that time of year again, dear readers! The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to think about what to get for those gamers in your lives!

Sure, we know our hobby is expensive, and we know that a lot of REALLY good stuff comes out around the holidays. We also know that this is the time of year when Nintendo starts to whet the appetites of gamers by publishing their holiday gift guide. This year is no different, and boy are they not going to disappoint!

Nintendo XMas

Nintendo has put together some pretty impressive stuff for their gift guide, seemingly trying to put forth a little more confidence in themselves – especially with many gamers talking about the Switch and the 3DS having a few good hits. Nintendo’s official holiday site is swinging for the fences this year, containing categories for their games AND their systems; including the SNES Classic Edition (provided that more stock comes in).

In addition to simply pushing their hit games, Nintendo also has a section for “Fun on a Budget”, and even one for “Toys & More”. So, not only can gamers expect to see some trinkets based on Nintendo characters and games, but we’ll even be able to do things without necessarily hearing the screams of our wallets and bank accounts.


The site itself has some neat stuff, with a good amount of description and information about each listed product. There are even different categories you can browse to get you right where you need to go. This would be the time to get shopping for friends and family, gamers. And while you’re at it, maybe pick something up for yourselves…just because.

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