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Review Brew: Michael Cray #1

…he’s a little broken.

The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #1
Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: N. Steven Harris
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colors: Steve Buccellato
Letters: Simon Bowland
Covers: Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz & Steve Buccellato; Gene Ha
Editor: Diego Lopez; Marie Javins
Based on a Story by Warren Ellis
Michael Cray created by Jim Lee & Brandon Choi
Publisher: DC Comics

Michael Cray is a quiet man who learned early in life that though the world is fun it is not kind. He’s turned that knowledge into a lifestyle, working for a shadow organization of the government and doing the jobs that need to be done but only for the right reasons. When he’s given an opportunity to build a taskforce of his own he’s reluctant, at best, especially when that taskforce’s first mission is to take out a certain billionaire

This is a brilliant first introduction to Michael Cray, especially as I have no familiarity with the character. However, previous knowledge of Michael’s adventures or continuity is not necessary as Bryan Hill crafts an interesting and subtle story that stands on its own. You immediately know who Michael is at his core while getting an intriguing glimpse at his abilities and issues, both personal and professional. It’s extremely well done and had me definitely looking forward to what comes next. This first issue also gives us an seriously amazing twist on a story we’re all too familiar with. If the arc that’s being set up is as straightforward as it seems then it answers a question I’ve had for a long time on how certain characters actions are viewed outside of their bubble. If it turns out to be set up for another twist further down the line it still gives us a totally different perspective on what we know.

The artwork by N. Steven Harris, Dexter Vines and Steve Buccellato is just as smart and to the point: showing us Michael at various ages and being so consistent with his facial features and body language that you see how the adorable child turned into the troubled man. They also give us some interesting work on the aforementioned billionaire that’s a smart combination of his various incarnations in television and comics.

Overall I’m totally here for this and can’t wait to see what chapter two brings: Five empty houses out of Five.

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