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Review Brew: YOUNGBLOOD #5

Rob Liefeld’s legacy continues…..

Writer: Chad Bowers
Artist: Jim Towe
Colors: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Letters: Rus Wooton
Cover: Jim Towe & Rob Liefeld
Price $3.99
Publisher: Image Comics

If you knew that you could make a difference in the world, but the “powers” that be have told you no, would you still go out and do it? That is the major question that this current issue asks not only the characters, but the reader as well. It’s already an interesting question, but when a former member of the team is the President of the United States, it makes things a little more complicated when the new team is trying to stop Bio-terrorists at their headquarters in Baltimore.

Chad Bowers does an amazing job of not only giving the reader a high-stakes story but a personal one as well. A great example is when President Diehard struggles with hurting his former teammates or letting them get the job done. I really don’t want to go into too much detail because then we would be in spoiler territory.

The art by Jim Towe in this issue is really well done and captures a lot of the seriousness of the story but also the fun moments. I really felt like I was reading the old series that was done by Rob Liefeld. The colors are very spot on and the letters aren’t really a problem. The only issue I had with the art is that there really wasn’t a lot of detail in the background of some of the panels. Other than that I have no complaints about the art at all.

Four and a half beers out of Five


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