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Review Brew: Lady Killer 2 #5

Story & Art: Joelle Jones
Color Artist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Crank!
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

It’s been awhile since the last issue of Lady Killer 2, and Josie is at odds with Irving aka Reinhardt. In the last issue, we learn about who Irving is, his connection to mother Schuller, and why he wants Josie to keep working with him. Now, Reinhardt is coming for her, and wants to ends things permanently.

I really dug this issue, and how everything has come to this point. Jones does a great job of showing little bits of Josie’s past, which I wasn’t expecting. It was short, but manages to give you a sense of where she came from, and how she is now. Up to this point, Josie has been having her cake and eating it too. Now that it’s come to ahead with Irving, it’s been quite a ride. Having to confront a monster like him, is a challenging task to do. The writing is solid, and presents some very tense moments, which took me by surprise. The issue is fairly action heavy, but the build up to how this happens is superb. There’s a few nice action pieces in here, like someone losing their finger by a gunshot or getting hit with a brick repeatedly. I found the dialog to be satisfying, as it gave us enough of Josie’s backstory, and keeps you engaged with the story. Pacing wise, the story starts off slow, but gets going soon as Irving shows up. The ending to the story is interesting, as an old character returns, which I didn’t see coming.

The art by Joelle Jones is fantastic, and captures the look and feel of the 1960s. The characters look good, and the line work is impressive. I love how you get to see the insides of the house, while Irving is navigating through it to find Josie. You get the full scope of the place, and what is happening in the house. The action is phenomenal, and delivers on Josie’s fight with Irving. It’s quick, brutal, and you feel the intensity of it. Panel layouts are fine, and set each scene up perfectly. Michelle Madsen’s colors are top notch and make the issue look amazing. Red is definitely the dominate color this issue, with the amount blood that is spilled. I don’t have any problems with the lettering, and works well in each panel.

If you’ve been following Lady Killer 2 so far, this was a fantastic finale issue. With the reveal at the end of this issue, I can’t wait to see how the next series will begin.

5 Reinhardts out of 5

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