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A Question of Thrones

We here at PCU really enjoy Game of Thrones. With a show that encompasses so many characters and so much space, however, there’s bound to be questions of time when you’re telling continent-spanning stories. Season 7 has been fantastic thus far, but sometimes it’s hard not to see a crack in the mirror when stuff doesn’t fit, so we had a few questions from this season:

1. How did Euron Greyjoy build a new fleet?

The Iron Islands aren’t exactly a hospitable place. That’s why the Iron-Born took to raiding Westeros for so long for the resources they didn’t have, obviously resources would include those needed to build ships. At the end of Season 6: Theon and Yara Greyjoy stole the Iron Islands’ best fleet with Yuron Greyjoy planning to build a new flee to catch up… Which he did live up to in Season 7. With one teeny tiny issue how did Euron build a 1,000 ship strong fleet, in a resource-scarce place like the Iron Islands no less and let alone with enough time to spare to catch up to his relatives? It does boggle the mind.

2. How does time work in Westeros?

Not for nothing, but as much as we understand that it would be boring to have people slowly marching for five episodes straight, sometimes there needs to be a little bit of restraint with moving at the speed of plot. People seemingly travel weeks with nary any change, or in Euron Greyjoy’s case: have hidden turbines in their fleet to get wherever they need. Just a thought.

3. The Puddle of Drowning

As I’m sure folks remember from a couple of episodes back, the fight between Jamie’s army and the Dothraki went less than smoothly. Among other things, they got cooked by an angry dragon, which led to Jamie making the advisable maneuver of attempting to gore the enemy commander next to an angry dragon; which, while saving him from being cooked, led to him falling into what was a puddle when his horse galloped over it into a seemingly endless drowning abyss. One wonders how that happens.

4. How Did Jamie Not Drown?

Now I can’t pretend I know a thing or two about fighting a war, but I like to think that if you’re in heavy full-plate armor, it’s…well…heavy. So we have to ask how Jamie didn’t drown in all that armor, given that it was apparently cumbersome enough to make him sink like a stone and all.

5. How Did Arya Get Made?

Arya is a Faceless Man/Woman. We all know what that entails. But how do you get made by Littlefinger? Not for nothing, but he’s… Littlefinger. Scary and as he is, he’s no good on his own.

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