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Can You Spare Me Your Techno-Babble?

Have you ever had someone tell you, stop wasting your time in front of a screen and go outside? Well, apparently that has been a popular sentiment in the UK that they’re now kicking themselves. Robert Hannigan’s article in The Telegraph points out that a touch of national technophobia has left the nation with a shortage of cyber savvy individuals, leaving the country in the dust of their competitors.

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However, given that there have been conflicting studies about the positive and adverse effects that gaming may have on the human brain, and the proliferation of toxic internet culture, it’s understandable that any parent would be leery about instilling techno-inclination in their children. In all fairness, though, I have heard of new and interesting ways in which children (presumably middle school age judging by their vocals) have fornicated with my dear mother. So, there is some level of creativity to be found even in a FPS.


Rather than throwing in the towel, the folks across the pond are instead working to encourage children and adults to step up their cyber skills. They’re getting them young by introducing STEM in primary school, as well as introducing more after-school programs to encourage people to understand the technology used in everyday devices. To help shine more light on how technology really works, the company Raspberry Pi offers hardware and programming build kits to really get people on the ground level of tech development.


Aside from making technology education more available, Naomi Climer – the former head of IET – feels that how people perceive technology engineers will go a long way in encouraging more growth in that sector. Of course, this doesn’t mean throwing open the gates and let young’uns wander aimlessly throughout the interwebz. But, there has been a general call for parents to try this new crazy thing, getting actively involved with their children. It sounds like witch craft, but they might be on to something with this whole parents encouraging kids to learn stuff. After all what better way for any age group to learn than to start with the basics. Plus, it’s amazing how just a little understanding can be a torch to chase away the shadows of fear. It still might be a bit too early to say how successful all these new programs will be, but they certainly are on the right track.

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