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Review Brew: Predator: Hunters #4

Story: Chris Warner
Artist/Colors: Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

Within the last few issues, we have gotten to know the hunters, their encounters with the Predators, and their plan to kill the alien menace. After killing one of the Predators, the hunters begin to extract, but the arrival of more Predators spells doom for our hunters. Writer Chris Warner ramps up the tension in this issue. The story is fun and light on what’s going on, but it has some interesting parts to it. Swains freezes up during the extraction, and his actual backstory is revealed. I wasn’t expecting that, and it expands a bit on the character. With more Predators being introduced, I’m curious as to how they got on the island. With what’s gone on so far, it seems they have been there for quite a while.

The writing and dialog are just okay. There are a few moments with some nice character development, which makes you feel for some of the hunters. I do have some complaints about the issue though. I would’ve liked for this book to have a little more content to it, and moved a lot slower. The story goes by pretty quickly, and there are a lot of nameless soldiers that just die. If it was just a small amount of characters, it could make the story much tighter than it is now.

The art by Velasco has been consistent on this title, and it looks great. He gives each character their own distinct style, and feel to them. His linework is solid, and makes the characters look sharp. His designs for the Predators are cool, and have a fresh look to them. The use of the primitive, and tech style is put to good use within the story. The action is fast, and shows how deadly the Predators are. The panel layout is concise, and the lettering is solid. Velasco’s use of colors are great, and it adds to the allure of the island itself.

With only one issue left, I wonder how this title is going to wrap up.

3.5 Swains out of 5

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