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Review Brew: Jack Rider #1

Jack’s life just took a turn.

Jack Rider #1
Writer: Mike Hopkins
Artist: Nate Getz
Letters: Tony Calandra
Cover: Mike Hopkins & Nate Getz; Mark Matthews
Publisher: GCP Comics

It’s 1854 and Marshall Jack Rider just wants to do his job, guarding a money train, and get back home to his wife and son. Unfortunately, for him, Tharos the Necromancer has other plans.

Issue one of Jack Rider gives us the basic outline of the plot of the comic, as well as some interesting details about the main characters, that leave you wanting to know more. Jack is a family man, first and foremost, but he’s also a damn good marshall and his particular skill set seems to have attracted unwanted attention. Tharos, on the other hand, is the very definition of an unreliable narrator and had this story been set in more modern times (or Jack more genre savvy) he would immediately set off Jack’s bs alarm. However, Hopkins does a good job of showing how utterly devastated by the events of the book Jack is and how that devastation is clouding his judgment.

The art while solid sometimes left something to be desired. While Jack, Tharos and the doctor who comes to Jack’s aid are all distinguishable from each other and well designed everyone else gets lost in the translation. There were times when I could only tell characters apart based on their outfits or hairstyles as their faces were pretty much the same from panel to panel. Thankfully the action scenes are clear and to the point, as is Tharos’ particular way of eating and transporting himself.

Overall this is an interesting comic that I’d be inclined to look in on to see how it goes. 3 shotguns out of 5.


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