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Pokémon GO! – The Spark is Gone

Any member of Instinct who actually worked up the energy to catch a Pokémon and get it appraised will notice that something is a little off today. Instinct is notably the smallest of the 3 teams comprising approximately 25% of the player population in Pokémon Go. We are not a large House, but we’re a proud one. Everyone from there slacks off with the lethargy of ten Mystics and Valors! However, it seems like the characterized goofball, slacker gym leader that we all know and love has been replaced… By Candela, the gym leader of team Valor.


What does this mean for team Instinct? Will we have to start doing push-ups, or be required to actually go out, find and train Pokémon now? Is our delightfully lax future in jeopardy by expectations of having to do stuff? It is uncertain. The fate of Spark himself is still unclear, though theories range from taking a siesta to being stuck in a drive-thru somewhere…

In all honesty, it’s most likely just a bug that occurred with the latest Pokémon Go update. But, considering how fans interpreted Spark’s nature it almost seems in character for the leader of Team Instinct to shirk off his responsibility every now and then. Or, he bolted to avoid the dangerous amount of work looming on the horizon at the Pokémon Go Fest this weekend in Chicago. It even fits with the characterized A-type Candela to pick up the slack and keep an eye his motley group of the best looking trainers. If you have any tips or have seen our missing gym leader, please add in the comments below. His team misses him.

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