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Review Brew: Shadows on the Grave #6 (of 8)

Story, Art, and Letters: Richard Corben
“The Grifter” writer: Mike Shields
Gray Toning: Beth Corben Reed
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

Shadows on the Grave” returns with new tales of horror, and intrigue in this anthology series. I’ve been enjoying this series so far, and the various stories in this title.

The first story is called The “Grifter,” which follows a down on his luck con man who ends up with whatever he wants, but finds out the price of this new found popularity. The following story is called “Trapped,” which shows a greedy trapper take the pelt of an unknown creature, and meets a dangerous creature in his journey. The final new entry is called “Birthday,” about a man named Johnny, who recounts a terrible incident from his childhood. In addition, Deneaus’ story of revenge against King Akrokos continues.

This was a satisfying issue of “Shadows on the Grave,” and each one ends with the protagonists getting their just desserts. Corben knows how to set up unique stories that gets you invested, and ends with a big pay off. The writing is still solid, and manages to convey a sense of dread within each story. Writer Mike Shields does a phenomenal job on “The Grifter” story, which sets the tone for the rest of the stories to follow. Mag the Hag and Gurgy Tate are interesting characters, adding their own narrative to the ongoing tales. Each tale is short, but they work in the context of the title. You don’t get much character development, other than Denaeus’ story, since it’s continuing on from the last issue, but the issue gives enough to keep wanting more.

The art by Corben has been consistent since the start of the title. The strange proportions of the characters, and the macabre nature of it all, is great. I have to say his best art is the Denaeus story, which looks gorgeous, and the line work used on the characters looks amazing. It’s almost like the characters are sculpted out of clay. All the characters have such a unique looks to them, but I felt certain areas of the title don’t look polished. You can notice it a little bit within each story. The panel layouts are fine, and the lettering is well done. I like how the title of each story is within the dialog of each story.

If you’ve been following this title, keep reading it, and if you’re new definitely check out the earlier issues. The art is gorgeous and the stories within are solid. I can’t wait for next issue of this title, and the various stories within.

4 I want my cake Virginia out of 5

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