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Review Brew – Wonder Woman & The Tasmanian Devil #1

This shouldn’t work. It totally does.

Wonder Woman and The Tasmanian Devil #1
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Barry Kitson & John Floyd
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Jim Lee & Alex Sinclair; Byron Vaughns & Carrie Strachan
Editor: Michael McCalister;  Marie Javins
Publisher:  Wonder Woman and The Tasmanian Devil

In this delightful Wonder Woman and Tasmanian Devil team up, we get some background information for both of these beloved characters that makes this match work on several levels. Beginning with a young Diana – trying to prove her worth entering The Labyrinth (sorry, no baby) – encountering an equally young Tasmanian Devil, and ending with a friendship that saves several lives, this story gives us shades of both we don’t often get to see. Diana is brash and headstrong, and kind of a jerk, whereas Taz shows a great deal of depth and a really sweet side we only get hints at in the cartoons and comics. Together, they’re damn near unstoppable, as several characters find out in the worst way.

The artwork by Barry Kitson and John Floyd, while not what we’ve come to expect from a Wonder Woman comic, does a great job blending the two very distinct styles of comic book and western animation artwork, maintaining the elements of both while adding their own touches to it. The transition from the younger version of the characters to their older selves that we’ve come to know and love is damn near seamless.

Overall this is a fun diversion from the main storyline of Wonder Woman that stands well on it’s own without either character being wildly out-of-character. Five Minotaurs out of Five.

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