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New ‘Nioh’ DLC Will Release This Month

When we brought you our first look at Nioh back in February, we were pretty excited to play this title. Now, the folks over at Team Ninja are releasing the game’s second bit of DLC (the first expansion, Dragon of the North, was released in May), entitled Defiant Honor.

The new DLC will take players to the legendary Osaka Castle, which has been revered as Japan’s most impregnable fortress of the Sengoku era. The add-on content is set to include new trophies, new difficulty levels, new guardian spirits, new magic items, new Yokai, and a new armor set.

New Guardian Spirit

In addition to all of that, players will also get a new weapon to master: the tonfa. These weapons started off as simple farmers’ tools. In the hands of a master, however, the tonfa could be used to deal significant damage to an enemy.


The story for Defiant Honor is said to feature Sanada Yukimura, a legendary Japanese warrior who served the Toyotomi clan. As we know, the Toyotomi clan is the archenemy of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and they value honor above everything else. Tensions will mount between the two clans, and Yukimura must prepare himself and his forces for the impending bloody fight. In order to best prepare for this conflict, the Toyotomi clan must build a stronghold on the outskirts of Osaka Castle (which will come to be known as the Sanada Maru). With that fortress built, the Tokugawa clan has their work cut out for them in preparation for a bloody and drawn-out conflict.

During the chaos of these two clans clashing, William (our protagonist) will be accompanies by Date Masamune (whom we fought as a boss in Dragon of the North and who fights alongside the Tokugawa clan), as he pursues Maria toward Sanada Maru.

Winter has come to Osaka, but the cold & bitter environment is nothing compared to the bitterness of the battle that is about to take place. Bundle up in your armor, prepare your weapons and spells, and ready your guardian spirits as we dive into another epic adventure with this DLC!

Defiant Honor will be available on July 25, 2017 for $9.99 in the PlayStation Store, and is also included in the game’s Season Pass.

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