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Book Review: Lost Boy by Christina Henry

What a fun adventure! If you like the classic fairy tales and the delightful twists authors come up with to tell the story in a new way, then you need to pick this one up!

I reviewed Christina Henry’s earlier book, Red Queen, and was very excited to see what she had to offer next. This time, we go on an adventure with Jaime, the first Lost Boy, as Henry retells the tale of Peter Pan. This Peter is a little crazier than other Peters we know and love. He’s hot-headed, impulsive, and hedonistic. He is more selfish and determined to never grow up. His determination is so strong that he implies that anyone who grows up on his Island will be sentenced to death. In contrast, Jamie is patient, thoughtful, and selfless. He serves as the gentle right hand The Lost Boys can run to for problems whereas they follow Peter Pan for fun. This creates a fascinating relationship dynamic that pulled me through the book, racing with them all across Neverland.

Henry nails her plot progression, moving through each event seamlessly. Each part of the book is well crafted to build Jaime up until he’s ready to take on the mantle of Captain Hook. However, unlike Disney’s version, by the end of the book you’ll find your sympathies lie more with Jamie than Peter. This twist makes the story more thought-provoking than I expected it to be. Fortunately, I was prepared to read Peter Pan as a bad guy thanks to the TV show, Once Upon A Time. However, Jamie is not as suave as Killian Jones or as eligible (he’s only 14!). That’s not a bad thing though. Rather than providing fan service, Henry sticks to providing a good story.

Her attention to detail is also impressive and her imagination answers many questions I’ve always wondered about the story of Peter Pan, like:

  • Why does Capt Hook only pillage Neverland? Aren’t there other islands to raid?
  • How do Peter Pan and The Lost Boys stay so young for so long?
  • Why does Capt. Hook hate Peter Pan?
  • Why aren’t there Lost Girls?
  • Do the boys actually suffer the consequences of being young and under no supervision? Do they get sick? Do they get hurt?

Christina Henry addresses all of this and more. I’m not going to hint at the answers…you’ll just need to read this book and find out.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoyed her Alice books or any one who enjoyed Once Upon A Time when it was the Peter Pan season.

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