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L.A. Noire 2: MIA

As many of us all know, Rockstar Studios has created a ton of hits over the years. The Grand Theft Auto series and the Midnight Club series are their most notable works, and even some of their singular titles like 2006’s Bully, have done well. Also, while many of us are hyped about a third Red Dead Redemption game coming in 2018, there is one game I have wondered about seeing a sequel to, and that is L.A. Noire.

For those that don’t remember, L.A. Noire came out six years ago, and was pretty much a smash hit. What made this so, like many of Rockstar’s games, was that it tackled a time and place not often covered in gaming. For many of you who are fans of 1940’s crime solving, private detective games, L.A. Noire is right up your alley.

What really made this game cool, however, was that unlike many detective games that eventually turned into point and click affair, LA.Noire did no such handholding. The game was also ahead of the curve in pushing the technology in last gen’s PS3 and Xbox 360. In the process of solving crimes and gathering clues, players’ skills were tested as they really had to pay attention to the facial expressions of suspects that were interrogated. Dishonesty was the name of the game, and it was the gamer’s job to see through all of the lies. Rockstar and Team Bondi (which has sadly since been shuttered) utilized Sydney-based Depth Analysis’ MotionScan system to capture the subtle nuances needed to give the game the depth that was needed. Indeed, it was like watching Dragnet, Perry Mason, and Peter Gunn rolled up into one.

So the question is, after 6 years, why hasn’t there been any word of a part 2? There was a brief talk about a sequel in August of 2011 and nothing has been mentioned since. The game was the biggest seller of May 2011 and reviewed favorably in all  major media outlets. I mean, just imagine what could be done on current gen systems especially now that both Xbox One and PS4 have had time to percolate. L.A. Noire was unlike anything we had seen before, and it still has not been matched, so a new game would be certainly worth playing. The combination of graphical horsepower and excellent storytelling that Rockstar has brought to the table in other games almost ensures that a second outing would do well. Just imagine what a nicely rendered 1940’s Los Angeles would look like in 4K. Also, with the technology now, full bodies could be rendered in full motion (as opposed to just the faces), which happened to be one of the biggest criticisms of the last game.

Sadly though, it’s not backwards compatible on the Xbox One (at least not yet!). So if you haven’t played it, or never finished the game or its DLCs, you will have to get a PS3 or Xbox 360, (unless you still have one) to experience this gem.

I have my fingers crossed that before this game turns 10 years old we will get a sequel. it’s one of the few successful cop games and its authenticity was so salient that a sequel almost seems paramount. If you played L.A. Noire, what did you enjoy most about the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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