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Review Brew: Plastic #3

Story: Doug Wagner
Art: Daniel Hillyard, Laura Martin
Price: $3.99
Image Comics

This is from the “what the f**k did I just read?” files.

Without having read the first two, I jumped into this book to see what was going on since it came highly recommended by fellow PCUer, Paul DiNello. The book opens with a raging, sexually frustrated sheriff driving down a dark back road who spots a young girl needing a ride. Upon picking this woman up, he drives her off somewhere and then attempts to rape her. In the middle of his attempt, a stranger comes along talking about an attempted lick of Virginia while brutally beating and killing the raping sheriff.

Do I have your attention? Good. Need to know the full story? Go here.

The rest of the book only serves to get even loonier from there as we find that this mysterious man has it in for some of the denizens of this town over his lost love and I am now eager to grab the first two. Suffice it is to say that Edwyn is a seriously messed up dude and the young girl that he rescued? I don’t see it ending well for her one way or the other. It’s scary that how in the midst of what goes on when they intersect, how ‘normal’ and calm they treat the situation and this goes to show you how dark this book can be.

As far as the art from Hillyard and Martin, I really love the tones of the colors throughout and especially the facial expressions. Edwyn’s expressions just sells you on the fact that he can be a nice guy despite the fact he is a cold hearted killer underneath. The art is so well done that I can almost picture casting this as a movie and have ideas of who I would like to see in the roles.

The book is violent, brutal, funny and charming, all rolled into one.

4 ziplock bags out of 5

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