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Let’s Shake On It – The Trump Handshake Video Game

American Hand Fighter II is an absolute gem of the internet. This video game, or maybe more of a game video, lets you play as everyone’s “favorite” Commander-in-Chief as you go on a globetrotting journey to eight exotic locations for the most awkwardly intense battles known to man. The handshake show-down.


The players get the option of choosing which location to travel to, in a predetermined sequential order. The controls are pretty simple, you point and click on the nation’s flag and then… You just sit back (because you’re not the boss, silly). He’s the boss and if you got a problem with that, you best get a grip and be ready to step into the Oval Office to step up to the shake down! Otherwise, you just sit yourself back down and shake your head. This, um, game(?) is set to a backdrop of classic 8-bit music and retro styled “graphics”.


Whatever it is, you gotta hand it to these guys for making most painfully awkward attempts of alpha-male machismo in American history into something that is finally more hilarious than it is painfully uncomfortable to watch, if only slightly (After all, the awkward bar was set pretty high on this one). So if you got a few minutes to kill and need a good giggle, head on over to and try not to look away in shame.

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  1. Doug T. // June 22, 2017 at 9:32 am //

    I mean…It was bound to happen sooner or later. SOMEONE was going to make something like this.


  2. There’s also which is a playable game

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