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3 tips to try in Battlefield 1’s multiplayer even if you suck at FPS games

Well, I am somewhat late again on the multiplayer FPS scene. First it was Overwatch, and now I’ve rediscovered Battlefield 1. Or rather, I actually took time to give the multiplayer a chance.

As most of you may already know from my Overwatch piece, I am not a fan of FPS games, particularly Call of Duty. The reason is simply because I suck at them. I may not be the guy I want on your team. I am a bullet sponge, my K/D ratio sucks and I don’t have the aim and reflexes that some of the kids have.

So, if I am not a fan of FPS games, how in the heck am I recommending Battlefield 1 to other gamers who, like myself, suck at them? Well, when it comes to games like this, I may be the guy you want on your squad. So far, in the past 2 weeks that I started playing again, I have been using the medic and started working on the Support (Engineer) class. Need a healer that may keep you upright a few more seconds after being pumped full of lead? I am your guy. Who has a bit of fun dropping mortar fire from a distance, while the rest of the team run headlong into an objective area? That would be me again. Who is that team player that will follow everyone and do his best to take the objectives? Yup, that’s me over here. One of the biggest things I love so far is that no matter how much you suck at actually shooting, you get points for being a team player. While this has been a hallmark in other Battlefield (and Battlefront since it’s based on almost the same engine and concept) games, this version is one of the most diverse, straight out of the box, team games you can play. If Overwatch was the family friendly team shooter, then this is the grown up balls to the wall team shooter. This is one of those games where even a low level player can compete with higher-level players on the battlefield and have a chance to do well on the scoreboard.

One of those rare times I placed 2nd…even in a losing effort.

Here are three tips below to help you find a modicum of peace in between all the dying that you will do while playing.

Pick a Role

From the jump, you will be asked to pick a class in the game. The longer you use this class and learn the role, the more that gets unlocked as you play, but most of you already knew that. For starters, unless you are really masochistic and you have poor aim, stay away from the Assault and Scout classes. These two are the heart and soul of the multiplayer side of things. With the medic, sure you will get a few kills in (Yes, you are still expected to fire your weapon!!!), and don’t be surprised if occasionally you may get the most in your squad, but with the medic, your primary job is to keep the guys who are better at shooting alive. Also, if you know what you are doing, you can heal yourself as well! Imagine how much longer you can last in a match if you can boost your own health! As you learn the maps, know where your squad mates are, stay up with them and the rest of your team and make sure you keep the health packs flowing. A little support can’t hurt either so rocket propelled grenades are cool, as well as gas grenades. Just remember, do not LEAD the assault. Get good at being a medic and notice how at the end of matches you get recognition for all that good healing.

The Support class isn’t bad either. One of the best things one can learn in this class is how to hit from distance. The mortar gadget is pretty great in some arenas where your team may have a hard time taking an objective point and that extra fire you rain down may mean a world of difference to your team completing the objective. Also, if your side is using a vehicle and you are lucky to be riding, get out and get those points by repairing it. Again, every little action helps and you may not have even fired a shot during the round but your teamwork really adds up. Also depending on the gun you are using, you may get more accuracy when lying prone with the bipod deployed.

Know the objective and be supportive

This one is a little more straightforward. If you are going to be the bullet sponge in a match, at least die heroically. By that, I mean find the objectives and help your team take those points. Again, it adds up in the end. Use some common sense and don’t rush a spot swarming with enemy players; but if your side is contesting a spot, just go help anyway even if you don’t get too many shots off. The more objectives you take with your team, the more XP you can earn. You see the pattern here right? It’s not all about your K/D ratio, it’s about working with the team to win the match.

Another thing is, if you can, hop in those vehicles and fire off a few. Yes, you may not be the guy that is lucky to get a tank but there are vehicles like the A7V and the St. Chamond where while you may not be the driver, your job may be to lay down some covering fire for your side. If your driver is good you may rack up a lot of XP because of their skill…and live a lot longer as well.

Wait a while before you use those warbonds

This advice has been given over and over since the game has come out. Don’t go crazy spending war bonds so early. Just because you purchase a better weapon doesn’t mean you are going to get better right away. Trust me, I have not. The best thing is to simply let them accumulate and as you learn the game and level up, build up those war bonds and look at a few other things you can use. A few new gadgets may not hurt, but as you get better at playing (or not) wait a while before trying to get that new shiny rifle just because it’s there. In short, better guns do not equal you being a better shooter.

When all’s said and done, if you aren’t great at FPS games, you are going to die a lot in this game. Get over it. There is still some fun to be had and you can still do well by playing with a team. As long as you are doing your best and playing as a team, then for every 3 times you die, you may get one good kill. It’s ok though because it’s nothing like seeing yourself somehow in the top 10 and only maybe a level 8 or 9 while that one guy at rank 67 somehow is near the bottom. Heck even if you are up to it, try the older Battlefield games and see if that rule applies. It may somehow make these games more palatable. If only Call of Duty would try doing the same and making their games a more team-based shooter, maybe I would consider playing. If not, I really would love to see EA Dice do an updated version of Battlefield 1942.

What about you dear reader? Have you thought about getting into Battlefield 1 or any other game and jumped into?  Share your thought below.

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