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Pick Your Poison…err…Venom

Tom Hardy is going to be Venom? Our resident Spider-Nerd is not sure how he feels about this.

Sony: We’re making a Venom movie


 Nope Blow It Up

Sony: Tom Hardy is playing Venom

Me: So Confused


News fresh out of Hollywood is that Tom Hardy is in fact playing Venom in a new movie that is (at least at this time) NOT part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like a lot of Spidey fans I had absolutely zero desire to see a Venom movie, especially after the steaming pile of dung that was Amazing Spider-Man 2, but like a lot of movie fans I am ALWAYS up for seeing Tom Hardy in any movie. So I’m rather torn.


I won’t make any final decisions just yet, Sony, but if you can get this image

Topher Venom

out of my Spider-Man fanhood you’d move up a notch or two in my book.

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