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TV Brew – LA Riots Revisited

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
Edmund Burke


Saturday April 29, 2017 marked 25 years since the LA Riots, and the world of television is giving an array of documentaries to remember, or teach, what happened on those dark days in 1992.  From the trailers, each documentary provides a different perspective on the events surrounding the riots.  Some viewers will be reliving history while for others these are a much-needed history lesson.  Even though I was an adult when this happened in 1992, I learned so much more than what I knew as I watched them.

Rodney King – Netflix
Roger Guenveur Smith performs his one man show focusing on the life and times of Rodney King.

Burn Motherfucker Burn – Showtime
Explores the roots of civil unrest in California and the relationship between African Americans and LAPD.
Watch it Here

L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later – A&E
L.A BURNING: The Riots 25 Years Later is a 2-hour documentary film exploring the lives of the people at the flashpoint of the LA riots, 25 years after the uprising made national headlines and highlighted the racial divide in America.

LA 92 National Geographic Channel
A look at the events that led up to the 1992 uprising in Los Angeles following the Rodney King beating by the police. I saw this one at an event held in Baltimore. My review here.

As I have reflected on this anniversary, my mind came back to one sentence “Twenty- five years later we are still rioting.”  These documentaries should be viewed by everyone as a reminder of how far the issue of police brutality hasn’t come in 25 years. There are more cases, more videos and still no convictions in these cases.  These events need to stay in the public view until police brutality is a thing of the past.

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