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More Assassins Creed: Origins Content Has Been Leaked!

Assassins! Get ready to strike from the shadows once more! Sharpen your hidden blades, ready your senses, and gird yourselves for a new battle against the Templars!

It appears that more leaked imagery from the upcoming Assassins Creed game (now being called ‘Origins’) leaked last week, and was followed up today with a tweet from the Assassins Creed UK team.

The word on the grapevine is that Assassins Creed: Origins is being headed up by Ubisoft Montreal, who was the same developer that brought us the pirate-themed Assassins Creed: Black Flag. We’re also hearing some great new information which has been leaked over 4Chan and Reddit. Remember, however, that this is still somewhat rumor and conjecture. If true, however, a lot of this info looks like Assassins Creed: Origins could be very innovative and a refreshing update to the long-running franchise.


How GORGEOUS does this look???

Here’s a bit of what we’ve heard so far:

  • Through the technology of the ‘Animus 5.0’, all the characters in the game will speak English.
  • There will be a modern-day aspect to the game, and it includes a male, mixed-race protagonist. While we don’t yet know his name, we’ve heard that he’s already a trained member of the Assassins, and he’s been given a team to help him accomplish all of his missions. It has also been reported that he is an Israelite.
  • We don’t yet know our ancestor’s name yet either, but the NPC’s will call him “Shed”, after the Egyptian deity of salvation.
  • Like Freedom Cry, a large part of this game will involve saving your people (fellow Israelites?) from slavery.
  • The modern-day portion will be more like it was in Assassins Creed 3, with area traversal & exploration, and more character interaction. We’ll also see elements showing the impact that the Assassin and Templar factions are having on the modern-day world.
  • William Miles, Rebecca Crane, and yes, even Shaun Hastings will all make appearances in the modern day.
  • The game is said to include biblical elements, like the Exodus, and we may even see a Piece of Eden used there.
  • In a big change, it appears that there may not be any towers in the game. Our Assassin ancestor will have an eagle which can be used for points of interest and side activities. However, there’s a limit as to how far the eagle can be from its master. The eagle is currently called “Akhom” (which of course translates to “Eagle”), but who knows if that will change.
  • While no exact historical time setting is yet known, we’ve heard that Origins will be set during the Egyptian Dynasties, somewhere between 1400 and 1200 BCE.
  • As noted by the leaked image from last week, we know that there will be ship travel in the game, and players will be able to sail around the Eastern Mediterranean. There does not appear to be any actual naval combat, however.
  • The insider who leaked the info states that the in-game world is “breathtakingly beautiful”, and that it would be better to sail around than to miss anything by fast traveling.
  • It’s been said that Ubisoft Montreal has focused “100%” on the story in this iteration. While there is no multiplayer aspect (this may return in a future chapter of the franchise), there are microtransactions like there were in Black Flag and Rogue (not sure why this is a good thing).
  • For those of you who have been fans of the franchise’s scores, we hear that ambient music makes a return in Origins.
  • The rumor mill states that there is a trilogy planned with this protagonist, and that the next chapter of his story will take place in Greece.
  • When it comes to different areas, gamers will also see plenty of tropical areas. Oases, various islands in the Mediterranean, and mirages will all be part of the environment.
  • Apparently taking a page from The Witcher 3’s combat system, enemies will have more varied attack patterns, and will actively use flanking tactics.
  • The stealth factor is now much more “integrated into the world”. Social stealth will be more emphasized, and corners, haystacks, and bushes have all made a return – with a more well thought out implementation.
  • Free running through the environment will be the same as in Syndicate and Unity, however it will have the smoothness, fluidity, and flair of the Watch Dogs
  • Hidden blade use WILL require the loss of a finger (this IS prior to Da Vinci’s upgrade, of course). However, we’ll also see the use of a bow, a shield, spears, various sword types, and of course, throwing knives.
  • The game will reportedly utilize a skill tree for upgrading your character. There will be a limit as to how many skills can be active at a given time, and these skills will be split amongst three categories: Stealth, Combat, and Movement.
  • There are a few outfits that are pre-determined, but the addition of extra gear will give an individual flair to your assassin’s base appearance.
  • There is also reported to be a mechanic allowing for raising and lowering the iconic Assassin hood at any time!

Again, dear readers, take these details with a grain of salt. While the screenshots are reportedly being “leaked” by the actual developer, there’s been no actual confirmation of any of the rest of these details. That being said, we’re hoping to see a big reveal at this year’s E3 conference in June.

We here at PCU are keeping our eyes & ears out for more details, and will bring them to you as soon as we have them!

Assassins Creed: Origins is said to be arriving for consoles (no Nintendo Switch version, however) and PC later this year.

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